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When I started writing about books this year, I never really told you why? I mean of course because I love reading, but I think this tag offers you a bit more insight into my love for books. I might do a similar thing with movies, if I find an appropriate tag.

This post was inspired by Fatin booksforahufflepuff.

Why did you start this blog?

I’ve had this blog for a while now. It was pretty much all over the place the last couple of years, and quite inconsistent. This year, however, I want to dedicate more time to this blog and write about things I’m genuinely passionate about. I wrote a post about this at the beginning of this year (here).

Why books, though? ‘Because I love reading’ would be the shortest answer. I’ve been on Goodreads for a good few years I’d say but haven’t written many reviews, to be honest. However, I really enjoy writing and sharing my thoughts and what better place to do that than my blog!?

What are some fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging?

My own thoughts and opinions, as everybody else! It will be nice exchanging and learning new things.

What are you most excited for about this new blog?

Writing obviously because I have always loved it. And reading other people’s posts; in short just joining this community!

Why do you love reading?

How can you not? It transports you into a whole other world. You get to live so many different and interesting lives through those characters and places. You see things you otherwise never would. You learn. You understand. It’s honestly such a beautiful thing.

What book or series got you into reading?

I used to read so much when I was younger. When I read, it’s only my physical form that’s here, honestly. I remember my dad would call me for something and I would not even register it. He’d be a room over and I still wouldn’t respond. I was so focused on what I was reading, completely gone. The first books I read that I can remember is probably the Die Drei !!! series which is basically the same as the Die Drei ??? series (engl.: Three Investigators) but with girls instead of boys. I also loved the Fear Street series. They’re brilliant. As you can see, I’ve always loved horror and mystery. I haven’t read a Fear Street book in years but I think I might still enjoy them.

What questions would you ask your favourite authors?

I think the creative process is the most interesting thing to me. How do you come up with your stories? How do you characterise your protagonists? What’s the most difficult thing to come up with: the environment/world or the characters or the plot (if it’s fantasy)? Which do you start with? How do you plan your writing? I know myself how difficult that is, especially if you have a deadline.

What challenges do you think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome?

Personally, I think it’s consistency. No matter how much I love this blog, I’ve always found it a bit difficult to keep the same pace. Especially once I go back to classes. But maybe also getting in touch and talking to other book bloggers? Not because I’m shy but because I will be working on my blog so much that I just forget to.

When did you start reading?

I couldn’t tell you. I want to say pretty soon after learning to?

Where do you read?

Mostly on a couch in the living room (especially when I read longer than only 30 minutes or so) with a cup of tea. Otherwise, on my way to and back from work; whenever I’m using any public transport, honestly.

What kind of books do you read?

Usually it’s either YA/New Adult (contemporary or fantasy) or horror/mystery. But since being on Goodreads and especially now with this blog, I’ve been trying to read more out of my comfort zone. Books I wouldn’t usually pick up.

This is it for today’s post! I really enjoyed writing this one and I hope you learned a bit more about me and my blog! I will try and do more of these sorts of tags since it was quite fun. If you want to do this, feel free to say I tagged you! If you have done this, let me know and we can get to know each other!

Until next time! xx

(I do not own the featured image.)

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