Let’s Talk Bookish – Should There Be A Standard For Book Reviews?

Hello fellow book lovers!

Today is my second time participating in this weekly discussions meme hosted by J.R. @ Eternity Books!

This week’s topic is Should There Be A Standard For Book Reviews?

I’m quite interested to see what other people think of this week’s topic and therefore wanted to share my opinions, too!

I don’t think there’s a clear yes or not answer to this.

It’s definitely always good to include certain points. In my case, I always make sure I talk about the characters, the plot, (world-building if applicable), the ending and the writing. Not necessarily in that order, nor do I compulsively mention them in every review. However, I think it’s nice to have some guidance while writing a review.

Moreover, I have to say readers will expect certain points to be talked about in a review. Even if you are writing from your heart, if you don’t talk about what the readers care about, who will read it?

Of course, you shouldn’t restrict yourself. If there’s something else you want to talk about, go ahead. I do that, too. Sometimes the subject matter calls for it, or something else does. It’s definitely more fun to read a unique review, your opinions, not something based solely on a template. And more importantly, it’s more fun to write such a review, too.

So, in conclusion: Like I said, in my opinion, there’s no clear answer to this. In the end, everybody should write however they want to. I think you should base your review on what you would want to read. Include the basics (characters, plot, writing, etc.) but don’t confine yourself to that.

What do you think? Are there things you always make sure to mention in reviews? Or do you write whatever feels right? I’m interested to know!

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish – Should There Be A Standard For Book Reviews?

  1. Usually I follow certain points like you – plot, characters, writing – plus a few other aspects like what expectations I had and my overall enjoyment/how I feel about it. With certain books that I feel really strongly about or just don’t know how to review I might make something completely different, but usually I follow a structure.

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  2. This was a really interesting topic! I completely agree with you that reviewers should feel free to write whatever they want, although it’s helpful to include certain points. It’s lovely to read a review coming from the heart and filled with feelings, but I like to know ~ why ~ the reviewer feels the way they do about a book. But, on the other hand, reviews can feel repetitive when they’re all cut from the same template. So, you’re right, a good balance is necessary 😁.

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  3. I definitely try to always include something about the characters, plot, and ending, but I also diverge sometimes and talk about other things in the book that I loved or disliked and not just those main three. A variety is necessary, or else the reviews will become stale and no one would want to read them anymore. Great post, I really agree with all your points!

    Happy reading 💖

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