Let's Talk Bookish – Is There A Time Limit On Spoilers?

The weekend is near my friends! And my winter break just started so I’m very happy about that!

Today’s post is this week’s Let’s Talk Bookish, a weekly discussions meme hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books

This week’s topic: Is there a time limit on spoilers?

This is actually such a good topic! I’m always curious about what people think is an appropriate time to wait before talking about a book, or movie. I think people have very different ideas.

It definitely depends on what the release date is. If the book/movie was released like ten years ago, you’re usually free to talk about it (it’s different with classics, though!). Anything more recent than, say, two years ago, that’s when it gets a bit problematic, in my opinion. It’s hard to agree on a specific amount of time but I think it’s actually pretty different for books and movies.

In my experience, people are more likely to expect you to have seen a certain movie than have read a certain book. So they’re less likely to ask if you’ve seen the movie before talking about it. With books, people usually ask. So the “time limit” is apparently longer with books than with movies? I can’t say.

However, I think it should be the same, actually. So, even though I don’t think it’s possible to put a time limit on spoilers, people should just be considerate. I mean all in all, you can definitely talk about spoilers at any time you want, so long as you put a spoiler warning. I think then you’re definitely on the safe side. I think banning people from talking about books or movies because other people haven’t read/seen them, yet, not only wouldn’t work, but just isn’t fair to anybody. So spoiler warnings are definitely a good compromise!

What do you think? Do you agree? Or disagree? Let me know down below!

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