Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Books I Read In 2019

Today I’m taking part in this week’s Top Ten Tuesday! Obviously a very fitting topic for the last day of 2019!

I have to say I think I had pretty good year reading-wise. I didn’t read a lot of books that I ended up hating. And I’m excited to share my top 10 with you guys today!

Without further ado, and in no particular order, these are my favourite books I read in 2019!

Brief Answers to the Big Questions (by Stephen Hawking)

I really, really liked this one. I learned a lot and still had fun reading it! (full review)

Vicious (Villains #1) (by V.E. Schwab)

I loved Vicious! I’ve had Vengeful (its sequel) on my nightstand for weeks but I can’t get myself to read it, I’m afraid it might taint the first book 😦 I would still highly recommend Vicious if you’re looking for a good fantasy/sci-fi book!

The Kind Worth Killing (by Peter Swanson)

Such a good mystery thriller! I adored Swanson’s writing and use of multiple POVs! (full review)

The Hate U Give (by Angie Thomas)

This is a pretty powerful one. I knew this would be special, I loved it! (full review)

Autoboyography (by Christina Lauren)

This book was very beautifully done, the authors did such a good job. (full review)

Dark Matter (by Blake Crouch)

If you want to read a good sci-fi thriller, I would definitely recommend Dark Matter. I was in awe of the storyline and the plot twists! (full review)

Born a Crime: Stories From a South African Childhood (by Trevor Noah)

I kind of wish I had written a full review for this book so I could tell you guys in full length why this book is so, so good and so important. I learned so much. I can and will recommend this to anybody!

The Long Walk (by Richard Bachman aka Stephen King)

I really enjoyed The Long Walk. It had been a while since I had read anything horror and I’m super happy I ended up reading this book. Although I loved it, I can see why someone might not like it as much, to be honest. I’ll still recommend it, though! (full review)

Flowers for Algernon (by Daniel Keyes)

I’ve said this in like the last three posts but I’m really glad I put this on my 2019 TBR. This was definitely a surprising read, and I’m happy I read it. (full review)

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (by Yuval Noah Harari)

I have to be honest, it took me a while to finish this one. Not because of its size but because Harari started rambling a bit in the middle parts of the book. It just wasn’t as gripping anymore. But, as you can see, I still put it in my favourites of the year list because, overall, I still enjoyed it and learned much! (full review)

This is it! These are my top 10 reads of 2019! Here’s to another year of good books!

How was your 2019? What are your favourite reads of this year? Do we have any in common? Or are any of my favourites in your worst of 2019? Let’s talk!

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featured image: Unsplash @ Florencia Viadana

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Books I Read In 2019

  1. I absolutely LOVED Vicious. Not to scare you off more, but I didn’t like Vengeful as much, because Eli and Victor don’t play as much of a role. But at the same time, it introduces more EOs, and that’s exciting, so you should obviously read it. 😉 I really need to read Born a Crime in 2020!

    Here’s my TTT post.

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    1. I’ve heard that before! It’s one of the reasons why it’s taking me so long to pick it up.. ugh. But the reviews have been great and I’m sure I’ll love it, maybe not as much as Vicious. I’m still very excited about it!
      Yes you definitely should! It’s a brilliant read! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I read Flowers For Algernon in high school, but I don’t remember it very well. Though I don’t normally re-read books, I think I should with this one. I loved The Hate U Give, glad to see another positive review of it. I just received Autoboyagraphy for Christmas so hoping to read it next year!

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