Reading Goals for 2020! – TBRs, challenges, etc.

It’s the twenties! That’s actually crazy, thinking about how 2030 (yes, 2030!) is at the end of this decade!!

Anyways! To start this year off right, today I’m sharing my goals, challenges and bookish resolutions for 2020! Last year, I had a 2019 TBR and my Goodreads reading challenge, not much more. I want to change that this year! However, I don’t want to overwhelm myself, especially since I know spring/summer this year will be super busy for me. I want to keep reading for fun, not because I have to. So here we go!

My 2020 challenges!

  • Read a classic every month

I’ve been wanting to read more classics and I think giving myself a challenge like this will push myself to actually read them!

  • Do more (monthly) reading challenges

I find it difficult to give myself multiple challenges for the whole year, but I still want to do more challenges, so this is a good compromise I think. I don’t know all the challenges I want to do, yet, but they will probably be monthly ones!

  • 2020 TBR

My last yearly TBR was quite a lot of fun so I’ve decided to give it another try! A full post containing my 2020 TBR will be up soon!

My 2020 resolutions!

  • Try to keep reading (even just a bit) even when uni gets busy

This is probably the biggest one for me. I have to read so much for uni already, so whenever it gets super busy, I tend to give myself less time to read for leisure. And with big exams I have coming up this year, I don’t want to get into another monthlong reading slump. So I’ll try to keep reading every day, even if it’s just a little bit.

  • Read every day

This kind of goes hand in hand with the resolution above. I’d like to read more, and setting a resolution to read every day might help with that. Now obviously this isn’t a strict rule that I have to follow but just a guideline. I will try to read every day.

  • Read the books I actually own first

I will definitely try this, keyword being “try” haha. I used to be pretty good at reading the books I own before buying new ones, but that took a turn last year 😬. In 2020, hopefully I can refrain from buying too many new books before reading the ones on my shelves.

These are my 2020 bookish aspirations! What do your 2020 goals and challenges look like? Do we have any in common?

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featured image: Unsplash @ Toa Heftiba

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