Oscars 2020: I came, I saw, I reviewed! (new series/challenge)

Happy Thursday everybody!

The Academy Award nominations were announced this week! Last year I had challenged myself to watch all the best picture nominations before the actual awards, to be able to have a valid opinion and watch hopefully great movies while doing it. So.. I didn’t really make it last year. This year, however, I thought this would be a fun little month-long series (until the awards on Feb 9th)!

I will try my best to watch all the films nominated for best picture and cinematography, those are the categories I’m most interested in. The best picture nominees are nominated for a lot of the other categories, too, so I will have watched movies from a lot of different categories just by watching all the movies nominated for best picture!

I will also, if I manage, watch a couple of other films nominated for an Academy Award this year, films that weren’t nominated for best picture or cinematography, just a couple I’m interested to watch!

Now I know the Oscars tend to ignore certain genres (*cough* horror *cough*), and they’re not really as diverse as they claim, but I just think this could be a fun little series.

I will be writing reviews as I watch these movies, that’ll be the series (if that wasn’t obvious haha). And if I manage to watch all of the nominees for best picture and cinematography, I’ll write a post about what films I think will win, or at least should win. And then possibly a reaction to the actual winners, who knows. 🙂

So I’m pretty excited about this little series, and I hope you are, too!

Did you check the Academy Awards nominations? What was your reaction?

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