Top 5 Tuesday – Fall Reading Recommendations

Happy Tuesday guys! 🙂

Today I’m sharing my top five fall reading recommendations as part of this week’s Top 5 Tuesday!

If I had to choose a favourite reading season, it would have to be fall. Of course I love reading a funny contemporary in summer, a sweet YA in spring, or a good fantasy novel in winter. But fall? It’s just that season.

I’m sharing books I’ve either read already or would like to read this fall, so without further ado, here are my fall recommendations! In no particular order!:

The Kind Worth Killing (by Peter Swanson)

Who doesn’t like a good thriller when the leaves are turning brown? I really, really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it! (full review)

Dark Matter (by Blake Crouch)

Okay, you’ve probably read this one already since it feels like everybody has, but I just had to include it! I really liked this book. If you haven’t read Dark Matter yet, now’s the time! (full review)

The Haunting of Hill House (by Shirley Jackson)

Unfortunately I haven’t read this, yet, but I’m dying to! I really hope I get to read it soon! A horror classic is just perfect for Halloween season, isn’t it? (Goodreads)

The Institute (by Stephen King)

Continuing with the theme of horror, The Institute! One of King’s latest releases. I’m super excited to get my hands on this. (Goodreads)

Exhalation: Stories (by Ted Chiang)

Let’s finish with something a bit different. (Sci-Fi) short stories! Ever since I found out that one of my favourite films ever was based on one of Chiang’s short stories, I’ve been wanting to read something of his! (Goodreads)

I hope you found some new books to add to your TBR!

Have you read any of these? Or want to? What do you think? What’s on your fall reading list? Let me know!!

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featured image: Unsplash @ Thought Catalog

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday – Fall Reading Recommendations

  1. LaurelsCode says:

    I’ve read Black Matter, I liked it but I feel you have to be really focused in order to understand how everything works (sorry for being vague, I don’t want to spoil it). I am really looking forward for “the institute” to hit shelves in my country, and thanks for the recommendations! (Exhalation sounds right up my alley)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. R A I N says:

    I haven’t yet read The Haunting of Hill House but I am looking forward to it! AND THAT COVER OF The Institute is sooooo cuuuteee, isn’t it? 😍😍😍❤️❤️ I wanna hold it and pet it SOOOO BADDD!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️



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